Why I Give: Ione Barron

Mayo Clinic has occupied a special place in our hearts since Jan. 8, 1996.

Our journey began in 1995, when my husband, Denny, was diagnosed at Mayo with end-stage renal failure as a result of diabetes. I was inspired to be a donor when Denny needed a kidney transplant.

The doctors successfully removed my kidney and gave it to Denny. Immediately, my husband felt like a new person. Denny was given 17 more years of life because of this surgery and his care team who ensured he was doing well. In fact, he and I were able to take many international trips following his transplant.

Denny was a geography major in college and realized his dreams of seeing many places in the world because of his lifesaving surgery. Denny died in 2013. My wish is that our donation to Mayo Clinic research for diabetes can help to make a difference in the quality of life for others. ■

— Ione Barron
Mankato, Minnesota
The Mayo Legacy Member

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Why I Give
Why I Give
Why I Give