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The Bundy Family

By Colin Fly

THERE’S NOTHING LIKE finding a calm space in the middle of a busy day.

That’s the motivation behind the newly remodeled Bundy Kitchen + Market at Mayo Clinic in Florida. The cafe is named after Russ and Liz Bundy and reflects their family’s desire to create a comfortable place for caregivers and patients between appointments.

It’s also meaningful for the Bundy family because of their background in the service industry, which began when Russ sold baking pans out of the trunk of his car in the 1960s. Now, the company founded by Russ and his wife, Liz, is known as Bundy Baking Solutions, and it provides baking pans, coatings and equipment to bakers around the world.

The Bundys are strong believers in Mayo Clinic, supporting its mission with gifts to capital efforts in Florida as well as arthritis research and a lectureship. Mayo Clinic recognizes the Bundy family as Principal Benefactors.

“Nothing brings us greater peace than sharing moments with family and friends, and these moments are especially important during challenging times,” Russ and Liz say. “We wanted to create a space that would bring comfort to patients and their families while receiving care at Mayo Clinic, and we’re delighted to see that vision come to life.”

In the cafe, one new option that’s part of the re-imagined menu is the Bundy bison burger, which is a favorite in the Bundy household and celebrates the generational relationship the Bundy family has with Mayo Clinic.