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Arizona Bold. Forward.

Arizona. Bold. Forward. is the largest and most visionary campus expansion in Mayo Clinic history, to date.

For over 150 years, the Mayo Clinic model of care has put the patient at the center of everything that we do. The opening of Arizona Bold. Forward. will enable Mayo Clinic to enhance the diagnostic procedures, perform innovative surgeries, and bring in the next-generation care models. 

Arizona. Bold. Forward. the largest and most visionary capital expansion project and Mayo history to date. A 748 million dollar investment in the future of healthcare.

Without the support of benefactors, we would not have been able to create a practice transforming healthcare system in Arizona. 

An additional 1.6 million sq ft on the Phoenix campus, 99 additional patient rooms by 2023 and space for another 106 patient rooms to support future growth. 

Well, Arizona. Bold. Forward. really is a manifestation of the transformation we're driving in health care.

Our emergency department, which is double the size now and able to handle about 75,000 patients a year, is designed so that it can expand and shrink at different times of the day.  Basically ebb and flow with the needs of the patient and the needs of our teams. 

A hospital for patients with the greatest need for serious or complex care. Arizona. Bold. Forward. sets the standard for this new future. 

We created spaces that would inspire us to do things differently. We really wanted to focus on transforming how healthcare is delivered. It bridges the gap between patients who need very acute care to patients who may be able to be taken care of in a short period of time rather than admit them to the hospital. 

Stepping into Mayo Clinic means entering a sanctuary of healing, with a collective mission to put the needs of the patient first. 

We have created areas where patients and their families are part of the care team. Each patient room has been designed to promote hope and healing with large windows for natural light, dedicated family and caregivers space. We've added three new operating rooms to the 28 already in use. The new operating rooms feature advanced technology, such as integrated intraoperative MRI and radiation therapy, to better meet the specialized needs of even more patients. The result of countless hours of collaborative input by surgeons, physician assistants, OR nurses, and more. An innovative, highly automated diagnostic laboratory, twice the size of the current lab, means faster results for patients eager for answers. 

When we look at our outdoor spaces as well, again, we're optimizing and leveraging just a beautiful place that we live in, in Arizona. So you can see nature from the outside - but our staff can actually participate in nature. 

A 150,000 square foot Integrated Education and Research Building, expands opportunities for collaboration. A home for the award winning Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine, and more than 20 biomedical and translational research labs.

Well, you've just heard about the most exciting expansion in Mayo Clinic, Arizona history. This is just the beginning.

Healthcare Transformation

Capital Expansion, Healthcare Transformation
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Healthcare Transformation
Benefactor Stories, Capital Expansion

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