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The Luther Family

“It was our turn to give.”

By Colin Fly Photograph by Paul Flessland

THAT’S THE FEELING David Luther and his wife, Anne, say they had when they walked through Mayo Clinic’s Hall of Benefactors on the Rochester campus.

“It’s because of those people that Anne and I and other patients are getting some of the best healthcare in the world,” David says. “I’m so grateful for others and what they saw in Mayo Clinic — like the Gonda family and their gifts to name the Gonda Building. I felt that we were called to play a small part in supporting Mayo’s mission.”

What the Luthers decided was to empower the next generation of urology research and care by creating an endowment to name the David and Anne Luther Chair of Urology in Rochester, which is held by Stephen Boorjian, M.D.

“I am humbled and deeply grateful to the Luthers for their generosity in supporting our department,” Dr. Boorjian says. “We look forward to providing contributions in urology research, education and care that enhance the patient experience for current and future generations.”

The Luthers, of Edina, Minnesota, have previously supported research involving mental health and addiction. They are driven to give back by their Christian faith and their philosophy to serve those in need.

“We’re called to give,” Anne says. “We want to help and provide for others, and we have been blessed with the means to do that.”

For their generosity, Mayo Clinic recognizes the Luther family as Principal Benefactors.