Advanced Care at Home Helps Lessen Pandemic’s Impact

While 2020 brought many challenges, Mayo Clinic Platform grew at an accelerated pace and contributed to the fight against COVID-19. The platform, which was announced in 2019 as a way to transform health care through the use of artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics and connected care, has continued to evolve. Platform initiatives are growing support from patients around the globe who recognize the value of the innovations it offers.

The Right Care, At Home

Efforts like these make a difference for patients like William “Bill” Horne. The 84-year-old Jacksonville Beach, Florida, resident tested positive for COVID-19 at Mayo Clinic in Florida. He was admitted to the hospital. Two days later, his wife, Beverly Horne, was admitted to the hospital. She, too, had COVID-19.

The advanced care at home program offered through Mayo Clinic Platform allowed the couple to celebrate the holidays together in their own home.

“I’ve celebrated 83 Christmases, but I wasn’t going to give up this one,” says Bill, who was one of 102 Mayo patients to take advantage of the advanced care at home program in 2020. This program, which is offered at Mayo Clinic in Florida and Mayo Clinic Health System in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, allows hospitalized patients to be discharged early and finish recuperating at home.

 “Psychologically, it was wonderful because we could be together in our home and not at the hospital,” says Bill, noting the constant communication with care providers via in-person visits, phone and tablet.

The Advanced Care at Home program launched in mid-2020 as the need for virtual and remote care exploded. This program is offered in cooperation with Medically Home, a Boston-based company that uses a patient-centric model to provide high-acuity care to high-complexity patients.

The goal is to provide care at home for patients who would otherwise be hospitalized for chronic diseases such as heart failure and COPD, infections such as pneumonia and cellulitis, and postsurgical care.

“The platform was in the right place at the right time,” says John Halamka, M.D., president, Mayo Clinic Platform. “COVID-19 has forced a level of focus and collaboration that the platform was designed for, enabling private and public-private collaborations.”

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